Cirtuo Methodology

For transforming your procurement into a strategic function
250 +
suggested levers
10000 +
developed strategies
100000 +
executed initiatives

Success is only 4-steps away

No matter what phase of procurement transformation you’re in, these are the steps that will enable you to achieve your strategic goals through all Cirtuo modules.


Develops new perspectives on categories, suppliers and procurement function


Identifies strategy for selected categories, key suppliers and procurement function


Ensures strategy execution by translating it into tangible initiatives and day-to-day activities.


Displays achieved results - monitor the execution of the strategy
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The first step is all about asking the right questions, because reliable strategies can only be built with facts.To see this big picture you can collect all of your procurement data in one place with Cirtuo.

Spend overview in category tree
Spend analysis for categories
Cost breakdown & simulation
Risk Management for suppliers
Hedging decision evaluation
Risk overview in category tree
Risk overview in supplier tree
Supplier rating - evaluation
Procurement function assessment
Porters five forces
Financial supplier analysis
Risk management for categories
Spend analysis for suppliers
Spend overview in supplier tree
Hedging tracking for commodities
Features for this step in each module
Procurement Development
  • Procurement Key Performance Indicators
  • Business Requirements
  • Online Assessment with 100+ Best Practices
  • SWOT Analysis
Category Management
  • Spend Analysis
  • Supply Market Analysis
  • Five Forces
  • Business Requirements
  • Cost Drivers
  • Cost Breakdown & Simulation
  • Hedging Decision Tracking
  • Value-at-Risk Analysis
  • Risk Management for Categories
  • SWOT Analysis
Supplier Management
  • History of Supplier & Relationship
  • Spend Analysis
  • Supplier Rating
  • Financial Supplier Analysis
  • Risk Management for Suppliers
  • Five Forces
  • SWOT Analysis


You can easily develop your unique strategies with new insights from the analysis. Along the way, you’re guided with best practice tools that will futureproof your procurement.

Cirtuo strategy framework for categories
Cirtuo strategy framework for suppliers
Cirtuo strategy framework for procurement function
100+ strategic levers for categories
Strategy overview in category tree
Kraljic matrix
Business case for strategy validation
Stakeholder mapping in category management
Supplier preferencing
Strategy tree for suppliers
Features for this step in each module
Procurement Development
  • Cirtuo Strategy Framework for Procurement Function
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Procurement Transition Plan
Category Management
  • Cirtuo Strategy Framework for Categories
  • 100+ Strategic Levers
  • 100+ Sample Category Strategies
  • Category Strategy
  • Kraljic Matrix & Supplier Preferencing
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Business Case Simulation
Supplier Management
  • Cirtuo Strategy Framework for Suppliers
  • 100+ Strategic Levers
  • 100+ Sample Supplier Strategies
  • Supplier Strategy


To ensure its execution, you can break down strategy to trackable initiatives. This will help you exit the firefighting mode because now you have control over the progress of all your strategic procurement actions.

Initiatives management for categories
Initiatives overview in category tree
Features for this step in each module
Procurement Development
  • Initiatives Management for Procurement Function
Category Management
  • Initiatives Management for Categories
  • Benefits Tracking for Strategic and Tactical Cost Reductions / Avoidance
  • Risk Mitigation Initiatives for Category Risks
Supplier Management
  • Initiatives Management for Suppliers
  • Risk Mitigation Initiatives for Supplier Risks


Let’s get practical. If you want to get support from your company’s top levels for new strategies, your procurement has to become transparent. Present your achievements in full clarity with Cirtuo and give your CEO solid facts for embracing your new procurement vision.

Procurement KPIs
Savings tracking
Savings tracking in category tree
Features for this step in each module
Procurement Development
  • Objective Realization for
    Procurement Function
Category Management
  • Objective Realization for Categories
  • Savings Tracking for Strategic and Tactical Cost Reductions / Avoidance
Supplier Management
  • Objective Realization for Suppliers

Cirtuo Team Coaching

In order for a procurement organization to always be one step ahead, Cirtuo provides expert strategic coaching in combination with software which elevates the function to a mature strategic level.

Given that 62% of CPOs do not believe their team has the skills to deliver their strategy, Cirtuo provides extensive knowledge to support the development of crucial competences.

Cirtuo software provides a structure that ensures that this new knowledge stays in use and is easily transferred among procurement team members.

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