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Oct 12, 2023

Walmart’s take on implementing AI in procurement with Cirtuo


DPW 2023 in Amsterdam: Walmart's take on AI in procurement and where and how to start

At DPW 2023 in Amsterdam, Michael DeWitt, Vice President of Indirect Spend Management and Center of Excellence for Walmart International, shared the global retailer’s vision on the future of procurement. Michael’s keynote emphasizes the transformative impact of AI implementation and how Cirtuo’s solutions drive tangible business impact for Walmart.

Is procurement ready for AI?

Walmart International was an early adopter of AI technologies. In his keynote presentation at DPW 2023 in Amsterdam last October, Michael discusses Walmart’s recent successes with the audience. He also shares insights into how AI might impact their organizational structure, talent, and future opportunities.

About the speaker

Michael DeWitt

Michael DeWitt

VP Strategic Sourcing and Center of Excellence

Walmart International

Location: United States
Industry: Retail

Michael is recognized as a Procurement disrupter utilizing leading-edge Ai technologies to drive digital transformation and implement award winning, industry recognized, best practice programs in strategic sourcing. Michael is currently the Head of Strategic Sourcing for Walmart International.


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