Turn Strategic Thinking into Routine

First world-class procurement software to drive Category & Supplier Management. NOW with Guided Strategy Creation™ concept!

Cirtuo will make your procurement ready for the C-Level. Strategic procurement is all about business alignment.


Outstanding category & supplier analysis and market intelligence

Understand CONTEXT

Connect with your stakeholders and identify business needs and wants

Deliver STORY

Mobilize your stakeholders on category & supplier strategy

Procurement Intelligence

Researcher team to support market & supplier data

Artificial Intelligence

AI-based spend classification & mapping and strategy proposals.

Guided Strategy CreationTM

Wizard to quickly create top analysis, strategy and story
Cirtuo web-tool detailed technical specification and security standards are available upon request.

Everything you need for strategic procurement in a digital format

Cirtuo software consists of three comprehensive modules that address the most important challenges in procurement
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Procurement Development module

Understand business requirements, select team members who can enact procurement strategy, drive overall transformation and more
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Category Management module

Manage needs and wants of your entire company that stimulate next generation savings, mitigate supply risk and more
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Supplier Management module

Become a customer of choice to your suppliers, encourage innovations for creating new value, systematically track potential risk and more
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Procurement Development module

Understand missions & goals of your procurement stakeholders and help them get there. It will pay off both ways.
Procurement function assessment
Cirtuo strategy framework for procurement function
Procurement KPIs

Map the road for procurement’s growth

Cirtuo Procurement Development enables you to ask all internal clients the right questions and crunch collected data into an understandable analysis that will reveal requirements for reaching your goals.

Use these new insights to easily develop a strategy that will navigate you through the internal transformation.

Breakdown the strategy into trackable initiatives, develop a right set of KPIs to support the transformation and realize your objectives over time without firefighting activities.

It’s rather simple. First, you talk the talk and after mapping the road with initiatives, you just walk the walk.

Category Management module

We know top management’s favorite phrase is cost efficiency. That’s why we bring best practices to the rescue.
Spend analysis for categories
Porters five forces
Cost breakdown & simulation
Risk management for categories
Hedging tracking for commodities
100+ strategic levers for categories
Cirtuo strategy framework for categories
Kraljic matrix
Initiatives management for categories
Savings tracking in category tree

Take full control over procurement’s core

Cirtuo Category Management enables you to develop a fresh perspective on all key categories and capture available savings while keeping an eye on possible risks.

This is our flagship module – the heart of strategic procurement. Everything you need for analyzing your categories is here: Spend Analysis, Stakeholder Mapping, Cost Drivers, Risk Management, Kraljic Matrix, Five Forces and that’s just to name a few.

After you’ve skimmed all the data from categories, employ a strategy with our very own Strategic Framework for Categories and discover your winning levers.

To know you categories is to know your business.
How well do you know them?

Supplier Management module

Not just an organizer, storage or a reminder wrapped into SRM shortcut. The real Supplier Management.
Spend analysis for suppliers
Spend overview in supplier tree
Risk overview in supplier tree
Financial supplier analysis
Supplier rating - evaluation
Supplier preferencing
Cirtuo strategy framework for suppliers
Strategy tree for suppliers

Get the best for your money

You deserve the best only if you can recognize the best.
Collecting valuable knowledge about your key suppliers and running it through supplier analysis for full disclosure is the right way to do it.

Once you recognize all the potential of your current key suppliers and connect that with insights from Category Management, you can notice growth-building innovation opportunities.

Nurturing reliable relationships with key suppliers is possible only when you know where to direct your attention. Understand the intrinsic supplier motivation and their strategy.

When taking care of a supplier, you’re taking care of your business longevity.

Cirtuo’s Proven 4-step Approach

With Cirtuo’s 4-step approach drive your company to perceive procurement’s power with a disciplined point of view on categories, suppliers and procurement transformation.

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1.200+ category managers in 40+ countries are developing strategies worth 30+ billion USD of purchasing spend via Cirtuo

Don’t take just our word for it.

Want to learn more about strategic procurement?

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