AI-POWERED Category Management DRIVES holistic decisions

Navigate the complexity in Procurement and demonstrate tangible business impact through holistic category strategies. With our proven framework, interview-style guidance, and AI-recommended value levers, Cirtuo enables the end-to-end creation, management and implementation of actionable category and supplier strategies.

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Guided Category Strategy

Get your guide to holistic category strategies.
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Guided Supplier Strategy

Connect the dots between your category and supplier strategies.
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Initiative management & Value tracking

Demonstrate tangible business value with end-to-end initiative management & value tracking.
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Tangible impact your business stakeholders will value

7-8% savings via AI assisted best practice category strategies
Deeper stakeholder engagement and alignment increases compliance
Advanced strategic maturity of category team
50% less time needed to create category strategies
Single source of truth for all category strategies & knowledge

The Principles
that guide us

Independent of features and functionalities, certain solution design principles are true across product modules.

User guidance

Helpful user guidance is the key to customer success

Navigating the complexity in Procurement requires more than knowing the obstacles. It requires a helpful co-pilot that guides us and provides valuable information along the journey. This is why user guidance is at the core of our user experience.

With our interview-style approach to developing category strategies, we guide category managers through the process and enhance it with impactful information contextualized for their unique situation. After all, helping them along the journey is what drives their impact.

AI enabled

Artificial Intelligence needs to augment the human experience

Cirtuo continuously aims to improve the quality of category strategies and enhance the user experience. To achieve this, we leverage the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and develop use cases with high practical value for our users.

This way, AI is not a gimmick but effectively augments the capabilities of category managers.


Expert system

Expert knowledge and human subject matter expertise are encoded as algorithms to recommend highly relevant and actionable strategic value levers based on „if-then-else”-rules.

Machine learning

Cirtuo applies Machine Learning to continuously improve the value lever recommendation algorithm based on user inputs and selected value levers (by category and industry) to increase the predictability of relevant value levers and ultimately improve decision-making.

Generative AI

Cirtuo leverages generative AI based on Large Language Models (LLMs) to turn user inputs (answers to guided questions, free text fields) into well articulated narratives for improved storytelling.


Strategies become actionable through business alignment and stakeholder collaboration

We believe that a strategy developed without stakeholder involvement and a clear line of sight with business objectives is a dead end. A lost opportunity at best, the reason for not becoming a strategic business partner at worst. The business stakeholder is our Alpha and our Omega.

Therefore, we have embedded engagement steps throughout the strategy development process, as part of the alignment of value levers, and for signing off strategies. We support this with collaboration tools like chat, notifications, and workflows to boost the efficiency in developing actionable strategies.


We build a solution with enterprise grade security requirements in mind

Cirtuo is dedicated to the highest quality standards in product development and service execution.
To satisfy enterprise grade requirements, we therefore comply with management systems and processes in accordance with international standards and best practices for quality, information security, and cloud security.


ISO 9001:2015

We implemented quality controls that clearly focus on meeting our customer’s requirements in terms of professional business standards. We have a strong leadership commitment to formalized company objectives, a focus on the quality of products and services, and a process-driven approach to serving our customers.

ISO/IEC 27001:2022

Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our users and their information is of the highest importance to Cirtuo. High-level security controls help us to protect critical information, to effectively and continuously monitor & reduce risks, and to comply with applicable legal & regulatory requirements.

ISO 27017:2015

Cirtuo is a SaaS cloud service provider. We implemented additional cloud security controls to address information security threats and risks. With these controls, we can assure our customers that information processed in the cloud by Cirtuo is secure and safe.


Cirtuo is a SOC2 Type I compliant organization. The SOC2 Type I compliance confirms that our systems, processes, and controls meet strict standards for safeguarding client data.

Enhancing customer value with our partner network

Solution Partner

Partnering with leading technology and data providers drives increased efficiency and insights for category managers. Our technology & data partners add critical information & insights at key points in the strategy development process or support the implementation of initiatives. Our partners help us make category strategies actionable.

Implementation Partner

Investing in technology is an investment in people. Successful transformations require training, coaching, and communication support to ensure category managers can unlock the full potential of the technology. Our implementation partners are experts in category and change management. Together we effectively engage and enable our users to achieve sustainable transformations.

Make holistic decisions with Guided Strategy Creation

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